Bosnia & Hercegovina (orBiH) is one of many countries that came out of the former nation of Yugoslavia. Its history is complicated and often tragic.

The capital city of Sarajevo is famous for many reasons. It was the hostcity for the 1984 Winter Olympics, the place where the Archduke Franz Ferdinandwas shot in 1914, causing many nations to start fighting World War I, and, in the early 1990s, the location of a terrible battle between different groups of people in the region.

The smaller city of Mostar is interesting for many reasons. There is a World Heritage Site bridge that connects two sides of the city. While there is tension in the area, due to the different religions practiced by people on the two sides, many people enjoy the cafes and shops of the old part of town, as well as watching people dive from the 21 meter bridge to the narrow river below.