When we travel, we like to eat delicious food, enjoy nature, and go sightseeing. On a trip to Korea, we chose to visit the island of Ganghwa-do so that we could do all three.

Ganghwa-do is very close to the capital city of Seoul. It takes only one hour by bus to get there. This makes it a good short trip from Hokkaido.

The island has about 150dolmen;  or ancient graves, seventy of which are together are considered one World Heritage Site.

As the island is at the mouth of the Han River, people are able to eat fresh fish from both the river and sea. In the small towns around the island, people eat different things like eel, herring, and clams. Travelers can go on a delicious food tour, stopping in a different town for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food is incredible.

There are beautiful hiking trails and cycling roads on this island. Visitors can also climb steep hills to see the lovely old temples of the island.

There are many opportunities for exercise on the island. Exercise is perhaps a good idea after eating so much delicious food.