Kyoko and I went to the northern African country of Tunisia for our winter holiday. Tunisia is a special place, where three different cultures (African, European, and Islamic) come together.

We were excited to visit there. The main reason was that we wanted to explore part of the Sahara Desert. While we were there, we stayed in many oases, or green areas with water, surrounded by desert. We went to a special festival called the Festival of The Sahara. After the festival, we travelled into the desert on camels and then slept in a tent. Nomadic Berbers, or desert people who do not have permanent homes, sang music for us at night and then cooked bread in the sand for us in the morning.

Tunisia is famous for people who likes science fiction movies, as several of theStarWars  movies were filmed there. Some people choose to travel to Tunisia to see the places where the films were made. We also went to many of these places.

Tunisia is also special because of many old Roman buildings. These temples and coliseums are in very good condition. Many of them are World Heritage Sites, so we were curious to see them.