Swaziland is a small country in the south of Africa, sharing borders with Mozambique and South Africa. It has mountains on its western and eastern sides, with a flat area in the middle called a veld. Its total size is only 200km north to south and 130km west to east.

For many years, the country was part of the United Kingdom. It became independent in 1968 and is now ruled by a king. The king has a lot of power in the country.

Kyoko and I decided to visit this small kingdom to celebrate Christmas. As of the people are Christian, they celebrate the holiday.

My favorite memory of this trip was a visit to the Royal National Park that was once used as a hunting ground for the king and his family. As in other countries in the south of Africa, visitors to the park can drive their own vehicles. This was a little difficult in this park as the roads were in bad condition. I was nervous that we would become stuck in the mud and then be attacked by the hungry animals in the park!