Kushiro residents may remember the famous "yacht man" and "yacht woman". They are a couple from Australia who, in 2008, sailed their 31-foot (ten meter) boat from the west of Australia to Kushiro. They kept their boat in front of the MOO Building. They stayed in Kushiro for nine months and made many good friends while they were here. Kyoko and I  are among those friends.

Their names are Matt and Gill, and they now have a beautiful baby boy named Jess. They invited us to join them on their boat as they sailed in Alaska. We were very happy to join them in Glacier Bay National Park, which is a World Heritage Site.

We spent one week on their boat, which is named Wooshee. We saw many whales swimming and playing very near the boat.

Near the glaciers, there is a lot of drift ice floating in the water. We thought it would be fun to gather some of the ice. We used the ice to make delicious, but very cold, drinks. We said "Cheers"and "Kanpai" as we toasted our glasses.