Slovenia is a mixture of all the great things in Europe. It has the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, its own range of Alps, fields covered with grape vines, old buildings, baroque palaces, a sad history of warfare, and alot of forests.

We liked many of the places in the country, but especially the northwest. In the high plateau near the village of Bleu, there is an emerald color river called the Soca that is clean enough to drink and fast enough to kayak.To the west of there is the magnificent Mt Triglav, in the Julian Alps, and the Vrsic Mountain Pass, with 50 hairpin (180 degree) turns. I drove up and down the mountain pass, often in first gear!

I was sad to think of the terrible history of war that has taken place in the beautiful mountains of the west, especially near the village of Kobarid. I wanted to go there as it was where Ernest Hemingway lived when heserved with the Red Cross in World War I.

For such a small country, Slovenia has many things of interest.