In May of 2009, Kyoko and I left Japan for the first time since I moved here in 2007. We went to visit my family in the United States.

We brought some members of Kyoko's family with us. In total, seven of us made the journey. Everyone was excited for the warm temperature of Florida, where my mother lives. In America, each state has a nickname. Florida's nickname is "The Sunshine State". On this trip, everyone agreed that Florida deserves the nickname.

After spending a few days on the beach with my family, we journeyed to the middle of the state. There, we spent a fun day in the Florida Everglades, which are a World Heritage Site. From there, we travelled to the southernmost point of the United States, on the exciting island of Key West. We ended the trip with two days in fashionable Miami.

It was great for me to show my new Japanese family some of the nice places in America. I felt very proud to be able to translate some English language things for them, making the trip more enjoyable for all. Everyone had so much fun that they want to return again next year.