Botswana is a beautiful landlocked country in southern Africa. It is a large, mostly flat country that is covered by 70% desert, known as the Kalahari. The quiet beauty of the desert and the dry grasslands, some of which are national parks, make it a popular place for visitors.

Our favorite memory from the country involves food. Many people choose to eat the small mopane worm, or caterpillar, as a good source of protein. The small worms are cooked and then dried. A popular way to eat them is with tomatoes and onions. Before eating them, people rub them together to remove the small horns on the backs of the worms.

When driving in Botswana, it is easy to see many people selling large buckets of mopane worms on the side of the road. It is a good way for poor people in the country to earn a small amount of money.