I had not seen most members of my family for over two years. My sister thought it would be a good idea to have a family party, or reunion. I was very happy when she suggested the Hawaiian island of Kauai as the place for us to meet.

Kyoko and I visited Oahu in 2005. After this fun trip, we were curious to see the other islands. We heard that the island of Kauai, which is known as the Garden Island, is very beautiful. In addition, many movies have been made in the jungles or canyons on the island, making us even more curious to see it.

We stayed on the north shore, just to the east of Hanalei Bay. The long beach at Hanalei was perfect for the family to relax, snorkel, and surf. We also enjoyed hiking to waterfalls, ziplining, and seeing some of the incredible natural places around the island.

After Kauai, Kyoko and I remained in Hawaii with my mother. With her, we traveled to four other islands. We thought they were all special in their own way. We visited many volcanoes, went to many historic locations often connected with King Kamehameha I, hiked and drove through jungles, and of course drank a lot of delicious kona coffee.