Kyoko and I wanted to learn how to ride horses so we chose to go to one of the most beautiful countries we have ever seen to do it. The country is scenic Mongolia.

Mongolia is the third largest country in Asia, but has a population of only three million people. About one million of them live in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. That means that there are large sections of the country where very few people live.

Many Mongolian people do not have permanent homes, but build homes called gers  that they can easily move. These people move with their animals so that the animals can eat fresh grass and live in comfortable weather. In Mongolia, there are many more animals than people.

The food in Mongolia is delicious, especially if you enjoy meat. People also drink and eat things made from the milk of their animals. For example, Kyoko and I drank milk from many different animals: cow, yak, goat, camel, horse, and reindeer.

While we were in Mongolia, we enjoyed watching horse races, Mongolian wrestling, and archery. People in Mongolia are passionate about these sports. I liked wrestling the best. After two men fight, the winner dances like a bird. This is very interesting to watch.

People who like nature and animals will enjoy visiting Mongolia.