On our return flight from Africa, we stopped in the country of Qatar for one day. Yes, one day! Qatar is a very small country that extends into the Persian Gulf, and is connected with Saudi Arabia.

The country of Qatar is not very well known, but the main city of Doha is famous for Japanese people. This is because of an important football (soccer) game that took place there. More people have become interested to visit Doha after this football game. The government of Qatar has built many things, including two large museums, for people to see while they are there.

When we visited, in August of 2009, the temperature was 42 degrees. It truly felt like a sauna. We were happy to walk along the water so that we could feel the breeze (wind) coming from the gulf.

Doha is interesting because it has many people from different cultures. Besides Arabic people, there are many Indian and Filipino people. Filipino people come from the Philippines. I like Indian food very much, so I was happy to eat delicious food.

We returned to Kushiro a few days later. While the temperature in Doha was 42 degrees, the temperature in Kushiro was 15 degrees!